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Serenity Patterson Profile Pose by KryssenRobinson Serenity Patterson Profile Pose :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 13 5 Cocoa Sleeping by KryssenRobinson Cocoa Sleeping :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 12 6 Serenity - Playing with Card by KryssenRobinson Serenity - Playing with Card :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 21 9 Lora Vicious - Re-Vamp by KryssenRobinson Lora Vicious - Re-Vamp :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 23 7 Lora Vicious - Old Vs. New by KryssenRobinson Lora Vicious - Old Vs. New :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 25 2 Game Lumps - Starring Matt and Moustache-Matt by KryssenRobinson Game Lumps - Starring Matt and Moustache-Matt :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 12 4 YowLife Jumper - Sticker Characters by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Sticker Characters :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 8 1 YowLife Jumper - White Magician by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - White Magician :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 6 0 YowLife Jumper - L--- by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - L--- :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 6 0 YowLife Jumper - Green rabbit1 by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Green rabbit1 :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 5 0 YowLife Jumper - A.L.V.A. by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - A.L.V.A. :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 5 0 YowLife Jumper - Captain A and Captain S by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Captain A and Captain S :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 6 1 YowLife Jumper - Blue and Pink Bunnies Jumping by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Blue and Pink Bunnies Jumping :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 8 0 YowLife Jumper - Ginger and Pop by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Ginger and Pop :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 6 0 YowLife Jumper - Lora and Aly by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Lora and Aly :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 10 2 YowLife Jumper - Serenity Patterson by KryssenRobinson YowLife Jumper - Serenity Patterson :iconkryssenrobinson:KryssenRobinson 12 0


Elementalist Lux - Storm by goomrrat Elementalist Lux - Storm :icongoomrrat:goomrrat 1,165 18 pool party ahri 2017 by goomrrat pool party ahri 2017 :icongoomrrat:goomrrat 1,227 18 Dryad Soraka by Grooooovy Dryad Soraka :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 5,594 138 kirika Lingerie adjustment by redwaru kirika Lingerie adjustment :iconredwaru:redwaru 177 5 Render #2 by CherArthemist Render #2 :iconcherarthemist:CherArthemist 100 1 Little Tigress #2 by ViviFloretta Little Tigress #2 :iconvivifloretta:ViviFloretta 84 1 Ochako Uraraka - render by Evgesha-Krasavchik Ochako Uraraka - render :iconevgesha-krasavchik:Evgesha-Krasavchik 143 1 Kirishima Eijirou - render by Evgesha-Krasavchik Kirishima Eijirou - render :iconevgesha-krasavchik:Evgesha-Krasavchik 64 0 Syuko Shiomi - render by Evgesha-Krasavchik Syuko Shiomi - render :iconevgesha-krasavchik:Evgesha-Krasavchik 76 0 Mudai / r e n d e r by vickitty-meow Mudai / r e n d e r :iconvickitty-meow:vickitty-meow 122 9 [CLOSED TY!!] Butterfly Crush!! Adoptable by Sourann [CLOSED TY!!] Butterfly Crush!! Adoptable :iconsourann:Sourann 98 20 Comm: Hideaki by mysticswordsman21 Comm: Hideaki :iconmysticswordsman21:mysticswordsman21 159 14 Azima by INeonBeatI Azima :iconineonbeati:INeonBeatI 251 6 My Yandere Witch by INeonBeatI My Yandere Witch :iconineonbeati:INeonBeatI 432 19 Rem by INeonBeatI Rem :iconineonbeati:INeonBeatI 524 31 Hamakaze by INeonBeatI Hamakaze :iconineonbeati:INeonBeatI 343 14



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Serenity Patterson Profile Pose
YowLife Production's Number 1 fan and self-proclaimed secretary.
Serenity Patterson has hosted the YowLife QnA, which interviews most YowLife characters.

Her looks, charm, and personality earn her the attention of all males within the vicinity.
She loves to give advice on dating, love, or anything romantic.

Check out the QnA animated series here:…

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!…
Cocoa Sleeping
I made an animated version of my real-life cat "Cocoa".
She'll be in my next animation.

(I like to call her my Fussy-cat, but don't tell anyone, spread the word.)
Serenity - Playing with Card
Serenity's trying to remember what her favorite Gaming channel is.
-If only she wrote it down somewhere...


I finally found out how to export high quality gifs!(Kind of a long process.)
Lora Vicious - Re-Vamp
I figured it was about time to update Lora's character design.

Among the things I've changed, here are some notable ones:
-A lot of people were commenting on Lora's bust size.
-So I decided to make them smaller.
-Others were also commenting on how if Lora flew with a skirt on, people could see her panties.
-So I gave her leggings.
-I colored the insides of her ears red, to look more like a bat.

Now you can buy a Lora Vicious Monster hug!
RedBubble - YowLife - Lora Vicious Monster Hug!

That's right, Lora and her friends are now on T-Shirts, mugs, books, clocks, leggings, and other great products.
Show off your sweet and vicious style with any one of these great items.

-More to come in the future.


KryssenRobinson's Profile Picture
Kryssen Robinson
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I've been drawing ever since I was a kid. I love to draw and animated movies and cartoons. I'd really like to one day make cartoons for Cartoon Network. My idol is the great Danny Antonucci.


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Um... hey, dude! I'm sorry for comment again but, i was thinking if you want to watch me? I made more stuff with Matt and Julie... well... i don't know if you like it. [EMOTES] SCDS - Sonic Thinking  
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Uh, there was a lot more to it than that, but here:…
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